Eva Longoria is Happy

Eva Longoria is Happy
Eva Longoria

Beautiful and talented actress Eva Longoria decided to open up about her personal life and claimed that she is just happy. "I'm just in a happy place in my life that it's easy to be open and in love because I am in a complete place in my life," the talented actress said.

So, it definitely seems that Eva just couldn't be happier about life. The star opened up during an interview with People magazine, at the Eva Longoria Home Collection launch. The famous actress revealed that her career and personal life are equally amazing. "Whether it's personally, career, new projects, going back to television, there's just so much happiness and joy in my life and I think you know that transmits to everything," Eva explained.

Eva also decided to reveal what determined her to team up with JC Penny and release her own bedding collection. The star said that while growing up in Texas, she actually had the opportunity to many times sew her own curtains or pillows. In fact, the actress revealed that "decorative pillows were my specialty. I used to make them for friends, too."

Given her experience, Eva revealed that launching this collection actually was just "a natural extension of what I've always wanted to do. I've always wanted to do a home line." Eva said that she wanted her collection to be extremely family-friendly, keeping in mind an advice she received from her mom. "Make a house a home' and that's a very big difference," Eva's mom allegedly told her daughter.

Eva and her boyfriend Antonio Baston first started to date in 2013. The pair also has joint projects. Eva's businessman boyfriend has offered his help to her now that she started her own home d├ęcor line. "He's all about furniture and architecture, and I'm all about towels and comforters," the actress explained.

However, the fact that Antonio is involved in this project is not shocking at all. Eva revealed during an earlier interview that her boyfriend has the needed skills for design. "He's a good dresser, too. I always have to step it up," Eva went on to say. "It's exhausting," she concluded.

Eva Longoria

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