Uma Thurman and Andre Balazs to get Back Together

Uma Thurman and Andre Balazs to get Back Together
Uma Thurman

Famous actress Uma Thurman was recently spotted kissing her former boyfriend, Andre Balazs. The pair was seen in St. Barts cuddling and showing their affection. It seems that the two weren't trying to hide the fact that they were enjoying a vacation together.

Allegedly, the pair was spotted playing on the beach, relaxing on a sofa and enjoying drinks with some friends. Sources claimed that the two just couldn't keep their hands off each other and they seemed to be really in love. Later, the pair were seen swimming and playing in the water. They laughed and chatted walking up the sand, then leaving the beach together.

Without a doubt, the two were having an amazing time. While the pair has decided to not talk about the rumors indicating that they rekindled their romance, sources claimed that the pair is not back together, although they are seeing each other and are having fun. "They've been talking for awhile, but now that she's single again they figured out a rendezvous in St. Barts where they used to go together all the time. It's nothing more than a little fun for her now," an insider revealed.

Another source claimed that the two have always cared for each other. The source said that Andre claimed that the beautiful actress is an "incredible woman" and he will always keep her "close to his heart." "They saw each other at functions since the split and had gotten over it and friendly again. They have been seeing each other for a month or so now - not in a committed situation, but for fun," the insider added.

Uma Thurman and Andre Balazs dated for no less than three years, after the actress separated from her former husband Ethan Hawke, whom she divorced in 2005, after seven years of marriage. She was first married to Gray Oldman. The two wedded in 1990 and divorced in 1992. Uma also dated Arpad Busson, whom she was actually engaged to, but the couple separated in April 2014. The actress was also said to be dating Quentin Tarantino, although she denied the rumors.

Uma Thurman

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